Client Overview 2016

As a practical Social Media Specialist I see my role as creating opportunities, usually this means increasing the exposure rate via social media platforms and driving website click-through or business shop-front visits. The best clients are a collaboration and working together results in a higher ROI.

The following are a series of my most recent standout clients as well as an overview of what brought me to this role in the first place. 



Stacey is the director of a HR agency specialising in Special Projects Management, Leadership Training, as well as Team Development. I was hired to build a body of work so that clients researching her would see an active online presence and prepare channels that she could utilise when developing presentation workshops.

Key Outcomes: Growth on all major channels in 6 months

  • Facebook 200% increase
  • Instagram 400% increase
  • Twitter 600% increase

As well as the coordination and production of EDMs and monthly blog posts.

QUick cuts Mayfield

A modern barber shop in the heart of Mayfield West. Amy-Leigh approached me to assist with pushing their Facebook marketing dollar further. With some simple tweaking to her approach with content, Demographic and area selection we pushed her Impressions 4x further than previously and resulted in a dramatic increase in traffic to the business. Amy passed on the information "The first 4 weeks after Kian consulted with our advertising we had our best trade weeks in over a year" and I have since moved on to developing the Instagram channel with similar results along with assisting in the development of flyers for distribution and consulting on other areas the business could improve to increase results, currently formalised in a 12 month ongoing contract. 

Biggest achievement: Growth of Instagram profile to more than 350 real localised followers in 6 weeks resulting in customers in the business. 



sawtooth & burst media studios

After working out of the shared studio space at Burst for more than a year, Maree and Clint asked me to assist in the growth of their businesses. Initially this started as taking on some of the responsibility of managing their social media and has grown to include managing Work In Progress meetings and the development of a Marketing Plan. 

Both Clint & Maree have commented at the increase in exposure and the overall benefit of structure of this relationship, going so far as to recommend me to several new clients. 

Key Deliverables: Growth of Social media channels Facebook & Instagram (doubled) and a implementation strategy for creating sharable content for channels.


Newcastle Mirage

Now in its 3rd year of production, current circulation has held steady at 6,000 with 400+ subscribers, more than 110+ Stockists along with steady monthly web impressions of above 30,000+ monthly. The biggest growth areas have been Facebook 5,000+ along with Instagram at 7500+

In 2016 we have developed key strategic partnerships with: The Stag & Hunter Hotel, The Edwards Bar & Edwards Store, Independent Galleries of Newcastle, Newcastle Live, Dashville, Crave Newcastle, Newcastle Coffee Snobs, Foghorn Brewhouse and most recently Newcastle City Council.

My role in these partnerships and the overall role for Mirage is to continue to develop a strategic communication strategy where print complements digital and vice versa. Often this role includes consultation with business on engaging social media and working with them to create a storyline around advertising or similar. This can be in the form of creative idea creation through to full development and potentially implementation. 


what does all that mean for you as a client? 

Every business is different and through consultation a plan will be developed. I specialise in Creating and repurposing content across social media channels to assist in their growth, especially Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. As well as pushing advertising spend as far as possible across these channels. I'm confident across web development on multiple channels including Wordpress & Squarespace. I've worked on sales funnels through Mailchimp and general EDM communications. 
I've spent 3 years learning by doing for Newcastle Mirage everything from SEO, SEM, Google Analytics and successful Adwords campaigns through to the development of merchandising material, Electronic and print marketing materials, working with Ad agencies and coordinating freelance artists through to budgeting controls and mechanisms.



Who are you working with?

Kian West.jpg

Kian spent his formative professional years in retails sales positions before moving into events management and creating activations for brands. 

As a professional DJ for more than 10 years he has learnt the power of a personal brand, building capacity club nights and been invited to headline at several festival lineups, holding residencies at Newcastle's largest nightclubs. 

Over the past few years highlights have included working at the Student Association (Hunter TAFE), Kloster Motor Group and building experience & capacity as a freelance artist. 

Feel free to connect on LinkedIn and have a full review.