real followers

Why you should stop focusing on the Follower number?


I find it incredible how many people I see on sites like Airtasker looking for people to get the "1,000 real followers on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram" and wonder what they are really trying to achieve? Do people honestly think that equates to 1,000 new customers or are we so superficial that it is all just simply to feel good about the total. Either way, I think people are loosing sight of why they are even using social media for business - the want for lots of followers on a personal account is a whole other blog piece... for another day. 

You need to focus on engaging, delighting and informing your followers. No matter how many there are, they are the people most likely to spread that positive word-of-mouth every business should be looking for. 10K Instagram followers double tapping every image you put up means nothing if none of them care about your product or service enough to take action e.g. purchase.

Instead of focusing on followers, focus on your customers. Please them with your offering and reach out and connect with those happy customers. Make friends on Facebook or LinkedIn, follow them on Instagram and Twitter, start a conversation on an open forum like "Thanks for visiting our store this week" or "Hope you are enjoying product X, feel free to give us a call or email if you have any questions". Not only is this the right thing to do, other potential customer see how open and transparent that you operate and that's who people want to shop with. If a customer writes something negative, in some ways this is even better, because here is an opportunity to turn it around or at the very least show future customers how hard you try to satisfy trouble customers. People can see when consumers are being difficult, they'll admire you trying just as much. 

Don't buy followers! 

If you really feel like you need a push, why not try an offering to current customers or people that have enquired, that you will offer a large discount (or even free) if they invite their friends to like your pages and maybe do a few shoutouts on social channels. 

Watch what the competition is doing to catch tips and tricks, but try not to focus on how quickly they are growing because you don't know if they are investing in buying followers and you can't see their books to know how well business is really doing. Focus on you.