Who else spends a heap of time on Instagram?
It is easily my favourite platform still because you can have meaningful 1-on-1 interactions with potential or current customers and you can actually hunt for leads without spending heaps of money like you would for Facebook, more on that later.

With that in mind I am constantly downloading Apps that might make my job easier. Here is a couple of screenshots of my current Instagram folder, notice I don't keep Instagram the App in there because I need to use it so often I want it right at home on my dash.

One of them I have really been getting into lately is Story Editor. I love using the Instastory option but sometimes the photo doesn't fit so this one allows you to add an image in and add text if you like. It's not super advanced so if someone has a better solution I'd be keen to see it. But the App was free so i'm not complaining.

rosie dog story editor screenshot