I probably download 3-5 new apps every week.
i'd probably cull from my phone at least once a month.
I am constantly looking for apps that add value to my work/life and since I'm already doing it I thought I should start to tell people about the ones I love. 

Here are a few that I use every day and every week I am going to choose one of the recent additions and tell you why I think you might like to download it... sound good?

As you might already notice my dashboard (I use an iPhone, Yes! Apple fanboy here) is clustered all the apps I use every day, or every hour possibly. I try and move stuff around on here based on that approach and speed up on initiate a habit i'd like to see. 

for instance, this year I've made a conscious effort to spend time on my own health. Firstly it was a commitment to run a half-marathon as a personal challenge to complete. What I found through the experience was that it was as much a mental challenge to complete an endurance task. 
Since then I have tried to really look at my diet as a huge part of this health equation. I'd tried a few others, but I think MyFitnessPal is arguably the best option for keeping a food diary, even though I'm still on the free option, I still see heaps of value in this app and it makes me really conscious of how many calories are in things I might not have realised. 

I'm really learning to love the whole Google Drive/Spreadsheets/chrome universe at the moment too. I've long been a fan of Dropbox and Mozilla's Firefox, but recently I've started to migrate across and it has been easier than I expected. 


Do you have a favourite App?