Updates to Social Media Channels and how they affect you

Here are the things we've noticed in the past few weeks and our thoughts on how they may affect you...

Facebook’s News Feed is changing again to prioritise sites that users actually read. Facebook realised that the amount of time people spend reading or watching content they clicked on is a strong indicator for what types of content they like. So now, when you click on a link to an external website or open a page in its internal browser window, Facebook will calculate how much time users spend there after the content stops loading. Sites and articles where people spend more time will be shown higher and more frequently in the News Feed, while those users quickly ditch will be demoted. Boom! (TechCrunch). What does that mean for those of you with blogs (like us)? It means you, more than ever, need to create engaging content that is 'sticky' and keeps people on your site rather than clickbait that generally has you returning back to Facebook quickly. I'm still yet to find any further data on timing, but knowing their timing on other elements I'd predict that more than 30 seconds is a good start.


Facebook has proved just how serious they are about live video with huge product updates (FB Newsroom) and with the rise of live video they have announced:

  • Replayable comments and on-screen reactions
  • Live is looking more like Snapchat with the ability to write and draw on video plus filters!
  • Dedicated Live Video Hub(here)
  • Go live in Facebook Groups and Facebook Events
  • New metrics: total live viewers during broadcast and a new chart showing concurrent live viewers

Facebook and Instagram introduced new features for purchasing and planning mobile video ads in ways that align to traditionally-bought television ads. My tips to make effective videos? Creative:

  • Move the brand mention early and capture attention from the very first second
  • Make Short videos
  • Change aspect ratio to square to increase visibility in the feed environment
  • Add text to convey the message without sound
  • Instagram will now allow regular users to post 60-second clips. Previously, the limit was 15 seconds. (Business Insider)

You know how much I love Snapchat. If you aren't on there you might not understand Geofilters, they are an overlay you can place over the top of videos based on location or for a specific event and are quite popular from people on holidays highlighting their location. Snapchat Geofilters are now available in Australia. Businesses can purchase branded versions and you pay per time and the location. We've heard a few rumours from a couple of big local businesses about adding a Geofilter to upcoming events so it is a great time to get involved with Snapchat.

Snapchat opened an Australian office and these guys are not mucking around. They named former News Corp Sales Director as the Australia GM, hired three senior advertising execs and are about to accelerate their growth in Australia. (AdNews)