Finding my Tribe

WARNING: Not so much a social media related post, but simply a short story.

Today I got really lucky, I have been waiting for about a month for a one-on-one chat with the 2IC for Foundr Magazine, regarding my membership in their new Foundr Club and yesterday I found out that he wouldn't be able to sit in for the Google Hangout, so the CEO, Nathan Chan, would be taking this as a Skype chat. Needless to say, getting bumped up to the boss was amazing news. Let alone the fact that I've been listening to Nathan's Podcast and reading the magazine for the past year or more and am incredibly impressed with what he is achieving. You could say I was fan-boy'ing a fair bit at the chance for a phone call chat. 

But I was also a little bit scared, mainly because often in these situations you end up disappointed because they don't live up to expectations. At 12 minutes in I was starting to feel like I was about to get wrapped up and it would finish without us really connecting, this is when things all of a sudden got about 100% more interesting and Nathan started to dig a little deeper with his questions and I felt like we really started connecting. He seemed to have a reasonably clear picture of where I was at and during our 56 minute conversation I'd say I got 4 new ideas and 5 action steps that I can take during the next 48hrs to 7 days depending on action. 

The reason I wrote this though is to acknowledge the importance of finding people that understand what you are going through. I read alot about the importance of a mentor and that is true, I find mine incredibly valuable, but finding a tribe of people that understand is equal if not more important. Those peers that you can chat with that are at similar levels, that can give you tips on what is working for them right now, rather than previous experiences, people that can motivate you because they are also in the trenches. 

Today I feel even more confident I've got a few more people in my tribe. If you are an entrepreneur you really need to check out the Foundr Club, or at least listen to their podcast and read the magazine.