What does a Digital Consultant Do? 3 “What’s” to look for.

I get asked a lot "what do you do?" because while people understand that I manage a zine 'Newcastle Mirage' and am a professional DJ, they don't really understand the other stuff. I refer to myself as a Digital Consultant with a portfolio career, since there are clearly parts to my portfolio. I decided to put this together so I have something to refer people to and so you can understand better, how I will help your business. 

What does a Digital Consultant Do?

There is probably so much variation on this generic terms these days that everyone that refers to themselves as a Digital Consultant has different skills. For myself, I am an incredibly practical person. While I understand broad-level strategy, I've found that often the kinds of people that talk up there, have no idea how strategy articulates into action and that they are much better teachers than they are 'do-ers'. There are a couple of components to what I 'do' and firstly that is to clearly extract from a business what they are all about and what they are selling. Evaluating where they fit against competition and opportunities. Then I design a plan to increase awareness, actions and eventually customers. At this stage it varies depending on the business and can include social media plans across: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat. As well as a general website plan, email marketing plan, customer relationship marketing, traditional marketing and branding plans as well. It's at this point I'm also starting to make suggestions around alternative opportunities for businesses to develop and other revenue streams. 

I would say my key skills are in managing and communicating on behalf of businesses across the listed social media assets and developing a broad digital strategy in regards to this to increase customers. I have a strong record in developing content that assists businesses and an advertising strategy to complement sharable media. 

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But what should you be looking for when you hire a Digital Consultant for your business...

3 “What’s” to look for.

1.     Experience – What is their track record? You need to evaluate the projects they are highlighting they've had success with and decide if that business has enough connection to what your business is about. Is their success in areas you believe you need or clear connections to people that will help your business grow. If there isn't enough proof, ask for more evidence. 

2.     Goals - What are you looking for them to do? It is nice to say that you want to "Make more money and gain more customers" but you need to be specific. If you are a venue, hairdresser or other location specific business, you'll need someone with regional expertise to help push you to the right locals. Do you need a website with ecommerce facility and have they managed this previously and will they be able to help problem solve when things go wrong. Will they manage your social media presence or will it be a partnership or will you be doing it all. 

3. Plan – What is your marketing strategy? You need to be thinking about things like if you will be advertising on traditional platforms like print, radio or tv. Are there elements to the business with opportunity to push PR. What will the budget be allocated and how will you be collecting data to understand what has been a success and who will be responsible. You want this consultant to be able to ask you the right questions about your business, evaluate where you are at including your plans strengths and weaknesses, articulating clearly where they would fit in and improve this situation.