Why every business should have a Facebook Page, Instagram Profile and Twitter account!

Why should every business have a Facebook Page, Instagram Profile and Twitter account?

About a decade ago I remember reading similar articles regarding businesses and the need to have a website. I would say this is very much still true, a website is an important tool for your business and it can make it incredibly easy to inform customers. 


But I would like to update the digital requirements of every business, yes, every business because I can't actually think of any business that couldn't benefit from having all of these registers as their own. I know people will argue that any business focused on B2B (Business-to-business) selling probably has little need to have all of these, sure I can see how there may exist a few businesses that might not have a benefit in using Instagram regularly, but here I'll outline why I think each social media platform is important.

Facebook - Fast becoming the most heavily populated location on the planet, Facebook is often the first place people go to find simple information about a business such as location/s, phone numbers, opening hours, website links and other important information. It is less important how many Likes your page has than it is how relevant and up-to-date the information regarding you is. Surely any business has at least a dozen important updates each year. 

Instagram - Recently acquired by Facebook and fast becoming an important touchpoint, plus it lets you share images across to Facebook and Twitter so when your business is being represented at a public event it can be a great opportunity to become part of the conversation. Launching a new product/service/store/location then use visual cues across the platform, share posts from business partnerships, happy customers, get involved.

Twitter - The fastest growing platform for baby-boomer and older demographics who come to voice their opinion in 140 characters on just about everything. Making sure you are there to answer their questions, become engaged with business partners and sharing updates is important. 

Ok. So this is a pretty broad statement on what is platform is all about, but think about it like this, people are going to research your business on the platform they spend the most time on so it seems pretty simple to make sure you are on the busiest few right? Plus, if you don't, someone else might just register your business name as a profile and if you are really unlucky, start posting negative things about your brand. Best case, you make more sales by being on the channel and making worthwhile connections. 

If you don't have time to manage all of these and your business, well, that is exactly what I do. Letting you get back to the work you do well. 

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