2 more Instagram Apps you probably need

Spending so much time on Instagram for clients, I am always looking for apps that help the process. Apps for data, scheduling, analytics, images, editing... Basically, everything. 

So I've found 2 lately I think you should check out! 

GiantSquare - even seen a profile that has shared a long or big image over a series of squares and wondered how they did that? Well now you know. The free version leaves a watermark and even with that the images look good and the app is easy to use. Brilliant for a big impact image like your logo to break up a feed when you are driving people to your profile. 

Prime - ever wondered when the best times to share on your profile/s are for every day of the week? This app gives a really good indication. Plus it can help you schedule posts like Latergramme does. Most importantly it can give you a great diagram of the peaks of use of your followers and thus the best period of time to be posting. 

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