How Social Media is like sending a Press-Release

Let me start with a few quick tips for writing a great Press Release.

  1. Start by thinking and making notes on: Who should want to read about this announcement? Is it a generic News story or more niche media related i.e. would it suit TV news, major radio stations or Newspapers... or is it more targeted to say a youth, local, specific industry, orientation, hobby, etc. Why is the Press Release really interesting? 
  2. Make sure you have all the right details for the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How. 
  3. It isn't about what you want to sell, it is about what they want to buy: point-of-interest. 
  4. Make it easy - where do you want it shared - use language that could easily be copy-pasted into the appropriate format: especially important for print focus. 
  5. What can you offer the potential publisher, is it tickets to the show, a preview of the product, video content, exclusives, interview opportunities or you are potentially going to advertise with them? 
  6. Lastly, think about who you are sending it to, take a little extra time to target each communication specifically to that individual with say a comment on a recent article of theirs, if you know them personally ask a question about their life. 

This is basically what you want to achieve with your social media. 

The thing is, the people that have chosen to follow you want to know what is going on, they want the Press Releases. But they don't want to be sold to, they want to be informed. Make it easy for them to want to share your content by making it fun, delightful and the sorts of stuff they will want to tell their friends: make them your media. If someone has asked a question of you on a platform and you have something in the works, remember to comment with updates. 
Imagine having a list of people that had tweeted to you asking when you are playing a gig in their city and then you book one - wouldn't it be great to tweet them back a link to the show. Or a product upgrade with features customers had been asking for on Facebook - make sure they know this is now a feature. Out of stock of a particular colour that people are requesting and it comes back in? Here are your first few sales. 

See. Make the personal touch. Keep track of peoples information and use this to make improvements that help your business. A really handy feature for keeping hold of this is messages and Tasks in SproutSocial.  Check it out.