3 apps every Instagram marketer needs

It isn't a secret that many businesses are moving towards Instagram these days to find new customers and there are plenty of examples of people killing it on the platform like Foundr magazine who even have a special Instagram course and are constantly broadcasting their success, but no matter how rapid you rise there are a few key apps that anyone using Instagram for business should be using.

1. Repost - or any reposting app for that matter. Everyone should be sharing other peoples content because really, that's a fair bit of the point to social media isn't it? To collaborate. I really like Repost because it is really simple to use and it has a few key features like you can share without the watermark of a previous page and the 'favourite' function that lets you save posts as favourites for later. It can be really handy if you get tagged into a few great posts at once and don't want to share them all at the same time. 

2. Latergramme - or any other scheduling app. I also like HopperHQ as a desktop application but it does charge, whereas Latergramme has some pretty decent free specifications. Just like saving favourites in Repost this allows you to schedule a heap of content at once, if you find inspiration hits in waves it can be really handy to save some of that for later, or be timely with a post like hitting people in the evening when they are online, rather than at 3pm when you have the time to create a post.

3. Typorama - or any other text and image editing app. Foodie is another cool app. These apps have a few cool uses like creating a post with a cool quote - maybe it is from a recent blog post or some inspiration words from yourself or another. It can also be handy to use if you have a cool image and you want to add your own logo watermark and maybe the url to your website or some other text. 


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