Why aren't my friends liking all my stuff?

Wether you manage the social media presence for your business or someone else's business you probably feel the same passion to succeed and success often looks like how many people clicked Like, Shared your posts, started following you or had positive comments... or a combination.

But why aren't your friends, the people that you think care for you, doing most of this stuff? Let me start by saying that if I had a dollar for every time I've actually seen my wife scroll past my stuff and not take any action I'd have enough cash for a nice long tropical holiday. The reality is, if you aren't a digital marketer - anyone that is using social media as a business to increase customers and sales, I'm including you all - if you are just a regular person then you have probably never seen any social media metrics AND you very much don't understand how much of a negative effect you are having. This has been a huge issue on Facebook for ages and is about to become the same pain on Instagram for many people. 

Lets break down some of this "Algorithm" that we hear people talking heaps about. We know that Facebook (think Instagram soon) feeds maybe 10% of followers with content so when you put something up on your page, lets say you have 300 followers then 30 people will see that post. When a page is just getting started it is most probably all your friends that hit Like out of a sense of duty to help get it going, so they are most likely also the 30 people that see this post, BUT if they choose not to click LIKE on the post, that post starts to die, if you get no interaction that post might not get served up to anyone else. If the opposite is true, or even just a portion of them click like, lets say 10 people from the 30, then it multiplies and if more people keep clicking Like, sharing or at least commenting, then it keeps multiplying... if this keeps happening then it may be considered Viral at a certain point. 

You see, none of your friends care about this, they just want to be involved with stuff they actually like so you need to really think about the statement "Why aren't my friends liking all my stuff?" from their perspective... What do they want to see. When they click on stuff, evaluate why they might have and even potentially ask them. 

What I'm getting at is this, we might want our friends to be connected with our online presence because it is important to us and it is nice to see names of people you know and love, but it isn't helping you in the long run because they probably aren't your customers and they are the people you need to impress enough to click on those magic buttons or do the old 'double tap' yeah. FOCUS on working out what content is working and replicating that. Really working on impressing customers and adding value.