10 Days to Master the basics of Instagram

I'm not about to bombard you with rules to follow in one blog post, what I will do is send you one piece of information every day for 10 days until you have a good grasp of what you need to action to achieve growth, find customers and succeed. Sounds good right? Right. 

Here is a simple idea to get the ball rolling...


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I saw a sign in a retail store once that has stuck with me and it said at the entry to the shop floor from the staff area

“Raving fans created through these doors!”

This is what you want to create with your social media channels – Fans!


So think CONTENT – What do my fans want to see?


They want to see your product or service in action with happy customers

They want to see how your product or service is going to value add to their life

They want to see the end result


Not exactly sure what that means for your product or service? For the most part, whatever we are doing has been done before, so find a business that is doing it well and identify what they are doing that works – This might be your competitors if they are killing it, but it also might be an international example – Google is your friend – So is Instagram search function.


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