Because, lets face it, Social Media is here to stay and your business could benefit from a strong presence.

Check out some of the types of channels we manage and how we can help.


Quick Facts:

  1. 13 Million Australians are on the platform 
  2. 9 Million of those are use Facebook daily on their mobile
  3. On average, those mobile users check it 14 times a day


Quick Facts:

  1. 5 Million Australians active monthly
  2. Primarily a mobile-only device
  3. Largest growing platform for under 30s


Quick Facts:

  1. More than 2.5 Million Australians active
  2. Active platform for personalities, brands & over 30s 
  3. 70% of users report to clicking links by brands followed 

Sure, lots of people are on Facebook, but do you know how to talk to them?


It isn't as simple as writing a post telling people what to do like a business might have been able to do with a TV commercial or radio jingle. On Facebook, you need to be engaging, listening and assisting your fans. 

Oasis makes engaging content to post, we can listen to your fans and even respond if you'd like and help them to connect with your business, so you can get back to the work that you need to do. 



These days, Instagram can be the perfect place for a business that thrives on highlighting cool images


On Instagram it is important to find your style, use strong images, know when to post, what hashtags to use (what even are Hashtags? right?) and then monitor successes as well as speaking with your fans and finding partnerships. 

If parts or all of this doesn't make sense, don't worry, Oasis is here to help put the right # at the perfect time with an incredible photo. 



It is hard to ignore the power of Tweeting to convey a message in a bite-size length of characters


For those that use Twitter it can be their world, so if you want to talk to them you are going to need to learn how to tweet, when and why you should be doing it. 

At the very least, it is a great platform to share your blog posts to and ensure that if a customer contacts you there that you answer them reasonably quickly, did we mention Twitter users seem to have short attention spans? 


computer twitter sketch characters

Whichever email system you use, you need a system and to automate some of those simple responses quickly


Here at Oasis we like to use Mailchimp because it is simple, versatile and flexible. You can create templates, have rules like if a customer clicks on one link they get a reminder email, or a newsletter, communicate offers, supply your customers with discounts or catalogues. 

Best of all, Oasis can manage this task if it doesn't sound like something you want to do but know it needs to be done, we want to be your Oasis.